Remix VTG on the iPad & iPhone

Really exciting news. I’ve teamed up with Shapemix to allow fans and Shapemix users to remix six tracks off of “Dance Floor Game” using the Shapemix application for Apple iPhone and iPad. The application has a really interesting user interface that allows the user to move virtual objects around the screen that control different FX, volume, panning and so forth. Imagine a Lemur, but easier to use :) Beyond that, you can go into the arrangement view (similar to a regular digital audio workstation view) and work w/ tracks from that song or combine tracks from other songs. Having programmed for iOS myself I can tell you it’s no small feat what these guys have pulled off.

Anyways, back to the point. “Keep Dancing and Shut Up” is the featured Shapemix¬†download¬†at the moment, so grab Shapemix for your iOS device and download it via an in app purchase and remix away. Be sure to submit your remixes for others to listen to using the Shapemix portal and send your remixes along to me as well. I’ll post them on the website.

Remix VTG for a chance to be on the next album

VTG Dance Floor Game Remix Contest sponsored by Camel Audio, D16, Ohmforce & LoopMasters


There’s been a lot of questions as to when the “Dance Floor Game” Remix contest was going to happen. So, here it is! What are the prizes? I will personally choose up to three of my favorite remixes and include them on the “Dance Floor Game (Remixed)” album due out later this year. Each winner will also receive a copy of Camel Audio’s fantastic distortion/multi-fx plugin, CamelPhat D16 Group’s devilish distortion plugin Devastor, Ohmforce’s murderous distortion, Ohmicide and an awesome Loopmasters Artist Series Sample DVD (5 for the grand prize winner!). I used these plugins on almost every track of the album – they’re KILLER! Pretty cool eh? I’m super excited to see what you come up with. My only suggestion is to keep the remix danceable in some manner :) Below you’ll see links to individually download the source files to five songs on the latest album, “Dance Floor Game”. Feel free to download as many as you like and to submit as many remixes as you like.


To submit a remix, please upload your files to the VTG Soundcloud Dropbox at: The contest begins March 19, 2011 and ends May 19, 2011. Winners will be announced by June 30th, 2011. Please read the contest rules here. Now, show me what you got!


Up to three winners will:


“Love is Letting Go” wins Best EP of 2010 at Rockwired Radio!

Thank you all for voting! – VTG’s “Love is Letting Go” was named Best EP of 2010 at Rockwired Radio! In celebration the album is available for $1 for this week only (until 3/13). It is #1 after all.

Listen to the VTG interview at Rockwired Radio.
Listen to the Award show here.

BUY THE ALBUM NOW posts an in depth with VTG

Our friends over at art and culture blog, have recently posted a great interview with VTG, the upcoming album, how things started, and an unreleased track from the upcoming album, “Dance Floor Game”. While you’re over there, check out the other articles as well, I love their no bullshit approach to art.

VTG Interviewed on Rockwired Radio

Last night I got the chance to sit down and talk with Brian Lush of Rockwired Radio about the release of the “Love is Letting Go” EP, the making of the “I Lie Pretty” music video and the emotions behind the album and the songs.

Head on over to or click the image to the left to listen to the interview.