WOMP | VTG Electro Patch Set for Virus TI (OS2/OS3)

WOMP = “Weapon of Mass Production”. So… I really wanted a nasty sound bank for my Virus TI, something that made the woofers shake, something that had LOTS of great modulation and LFO usage. My one gripe with most sound banks I’ve used is that they were too normal, too clean.

So, late last year I set forth to create a dirty, Electro (somewhat Industrial) patch set for the Virus TI. Well, I’ve finally finished and I’m really excited to release it publicly. I did a lot of work w/ the Matrix and the LFOs so be sure to play excessively with the soft knobs on the virus when you use these patches! There’s dubstep-esque basses, nasty little arps, raunchy electro leads and ghostly ambient pads included in the bank. You’ll be hearing a lot of these sounds in our next album.

During the making of the “VTG Electro Patch Set” for the Virus, Access Music released the OS3 update. Good timing! I’ve actually included about 25+ patches at the end of the bank that include features of the OS3 firmware update, specifically, the  new distortions, characters, delay and the stereo frequency shifter.

So, most of the patches work on OS2 and a few include OS3 features. I’ve also included a few VTG tracks that were made partly with the included patches. Please comment and let me know what you think. Now go DOWNLOAD AWAY!

17 Responses to “WOMP | VTG Electro Patch Set for Virus TI (OS2/OS3)”

  1. Great NINs sound.

  2. many thanks for the upload, will post on infected.org when i get a good chance to have a listen, all the best. david

  3. thank you very nice

  4. Thanks David! I’ve already posted it up on infekted.org… Let me know if you enjoy the library.

  5. thanks

  6. Thankx man…..

  7. I’ve heard good things…

  8. Great NINs sound.

  9. Cheers!!

  10. cheers mate cant wait!

  11. great stuff, thanks

  12. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea until today that I could add banks to my virus haha!

  13. Can I use it with Virus C? Or it is only for TI?

  14. Hey @nikitka – I’ve not tried it on the C, but I’ve been told it works fine.
    I hope you enjoy.


  15. Love the blog, I’ve listened to excision like 77 times today. Keep up the blog man!

  16. Kick ass soundset man, thanx a lot !!! :D

  17. Absolutely! I’ve got another one in the works as we speak. Send me some tracks if you use any sounds.

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